Department of Art, Design, and Art History

Welcome to the BFA application page.

Please read through the information and directions below.
At the end of this page, you will be able to submit your application.


  1. Students must have completed or be currently enrolled in the following courses.

  2. *Students missing GD 50, and/or GD60 may still apply for provisional acceptance into the BFA. Students applying for the Interactive/Multimedia track must have GD 50, Illustration track applicants must have GD 60.

  3. Students must have a minimum grade of "C" in their Graphic Design courses.

Application Process

Complete the online form and submit the documents described below. You may apply for up to two tracks. Indicate your first and second choice. Do not include a second choice if you aren’t willing to be assigned to that track. The deadine is Monday, April 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

  1. Digital Portfolio

    Submit examples of your very best work that reflect your interest and ability in your proposed area of concentration (track). Include a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 pieces. Organize the portfolio into a multipage PDF doument, with your application letter as the first page.

    For a simple portfolio template click here. You may customize the design as long as the requirements listed below are included.

    Your portfolio should include examples from the following classes.

    • GD 35
    • GD 37
    • GD 39
    • GD 41 (minimum 2 examples)
    • GD 42 (minimum 2 examples)
    • GD 50
    • GD 60 (minimum 2 examples)

    Up to six other examples may be submitted for consideration, including relevant work done on your own, or in other courses or schools.

    Illustration track applicants must submit a minimum of four illustrations or art examples in addition to the projects listed above. Students certify that everything submitted is their original work.

    Web design and video work should be submitted as at least one screenshot of the project, and link to the website or video streaming service (i.e. youtube or vimeo).

    Descriptions of Work

    Every piece in the portfolio must be accompanied by a title and caption that decribe

    1. what the piece was created for (i.e. GD 41, independent project, etc.)
    2. the purpose of the assignment or project
    3. the medium or application it was created in (i.e. watercolor, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)

  2. Application Letter

    Write a one-page letter of application to the BFA program. Describe your achievements, interests, personal point-of-view, and goals in the emphasis you want: graphic design, illustration, or interactive multimedia. Include your name and date and include it as page one of your portfolio.

  3. Unofficial Transcript

    Submit a pdf copy of your unofficial trancript. For instructions on how to do that, visit

The Review Process

Full-time faculty will review the materials you submitted. Adjunct Faculty in the Graphic Design area may be invited to participate in the review process.

What the review committee is looking for

Evidence of your promise in graphic design, illustration and/or interactive multimedia; focus and commitment beyond the minimum course requirements, attributes of successful students in a rigorous professional preparation program such as the BFA.

How your materials will be evaluated

The primary criteria used in making selections for admission to the BFA in Graphic Design program will be the work presented in the portfolio. Students will be evaluated on how well they have demonstrated the following.

  1. Understanding of design and aesthetics
  2. Visual problem solving, including creativity, imaginative thinking, range and variety of ideas, and development of concept
  3. Awareness of cultural and historical trends, influences, and issues
  4. Skills, including craft and hand skills, technical skill with tools, programs, and materials, observation, quality of execution, presentation

In addition to your projects, there will be an assessment of your class participation and preparation, and your potential as a design professional.

If You Are Selected

Students selected for the BFA will be notified via email by Friday 4/5/24. We will notify you at the email address provided on your application.

Advising sessions may be held after that time for BFA students before enrolling in fall courses.

Registration for fall 2024 classes begins Monday 4/22/24. Students selected for the BFA will be given permission numbers to enroll in their required fall BFA classes.

Reminder: All students admitted to the BFA program should switch majors to the BFA in Graphic Design if necessary.

If You Are Not Selected

Students not selected for the BFA will be notified via email by Friday 4/5/24. We will notify you at the email address provided on your application. Students not selected for the BFA program will either re-apply the following year, or switch to (or continue in) the BA in Integrated Design.

Click here to submit your application.