GD 155

Designing for Interactions

Fall 2018

Week One:

Monday 8/27

    For Next Class

  1. Read through syllabus
  2. Have a head shot jpg ready for use in class

Wednesday 8/29

    For Next Class

  1. Take begining of the year class survey. (Have a head shot jpg ready)
  2. Pick a new and upcoming technology you are interested in. Research it, find five facts about it, and write a one paragraph summary or explanation of the technology. Submit your paragraph on google classroom

Week Two:

Monday 9/3

  • Labor Day
  • Activity:

    For Next Class

Wednesday 9/5

    For Next Class

  1. Watch: Learn UX Design Techniques playlist on Lynda (2h 35m)
  2. Read: Usability 101: Introduction to Usability

Week Three:

Monday 9/10

  • In Class
  • Work Time: Start P1 steps 1-3, Set up report document.

    For Next Class

  1. Have finished P1 steps 1-3
  2. Set up report including steps 1-3
  3. Review: When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods and Crash Course in UX design research
  4. Watch: UX Foundations: Usibility Testing 1h 29m before 9/6
  5. Could start on steps 4-5

Wednesday 9/12

  • Remote Class Today due to illness
  • Work Time - Project 1
  • Create your task list and test your design

    For Next Class

  1. Project One due at begining of class
  2. Read: Chapter 7 The purpose of analysis Donna Spencer. A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, Second Edition
  3. Review: Creating an experience map
  4. Resource: P.O.P.

Week Four:

Monday 9/17

    For Next Class

  1. Research the Technology you plan to use
  2. Start your project proposal
  3. Start visual research, Mind Map and Sketch

Wednesday 9/19

  • Work Time on P2: 3 pm-4 pm
  • Presentation: HP Reveal Demo
  • Share which technology you plan to use and some background research on it.

    For Next Class

  1. Finish your project proposal
  2. work on visual research, Mind Map and Sketch

Week Five:

Monday 9/24

  • In Class
  • Work Time on P2: research and design phase 3 pm-4 pm
  • Share Project proposals with class
  • Work time on P2

    For Next Class

  1. Continue visual research, Mind Map and Sketch
  2. start running development test or prototyping elements.
  3. Create a development plan

Wednesday 9/26

  • Presentation: Research Methods, IRB
  • Work time on P2
  • present research and development plan to class

    For Next Class

  1. HW: conduct UX research on your user group, Finish personas, scenarios, and optional storyboards. start researching more about your technologies and how to create your product. Will you code it, is there and application to help you create it, will you be using an advanced prototype?

Week Six:

Monday 10/1

  • In Class
  • Presentation: AI
  • Activity: work on P2

    For Next Class

  1. Review Timeline of AI news from last few months
  2. Read AI and the future of design: What will the designer of 2025 look like?
  3. Remember: P2 Final Critique: Mon 10/15 3:00 pm (should be 98% finished with design) and Final product and Process Book: Wed 10/22nd 3:00 pm. You will want time after Crit to edit your design based on final crit feedback, create your demo/pitch video and finish your process book.

Wednesday 10/3

  • In Class
  • Presentation:
  • Activity: drone interface activity

    For Next Class

Week Seven:

Monday 10/8

  • In Class
  • Work Time P2 Finishing up Wire Frames or Prototypes for testing
  • Desk Critique
  • Activity: Finish up UI for drone and turn in by tonight at midnight to google classroom

    For Next Class

Wednesday 10/10

  • In Class
  • Presentation: Server Space for live websites
  • Work Time P2
  • Finish up testing and prepare for Final Critique

    For Next Class

  1. Prepare to present your content to the class for Final Critique

Week Eight:

Monday 10/15

  • In Class
  • Presentation: Final Critique P2

    For Next Class

  1. Work on critique edits for P2
  2. Finish Video summary of design
  3. P2 due Oct 22nd

Wednesday 10/17

  • work on critique edits for P2
  • Finish Video summary of design

    For Next Class

  1. P2 due next class

Week Nine:

Monday 10/22

    For Next Class

Wednesday 10/25

  • Presentation: Presentation: Show off P2 (add your link in the class comments of google classroom for P2!)
  • Activity: Continue to work on P3

    For Next Class

  1. Turn in P3 on google classroom

Week Ten:

Monday 10/29

  • In Class
  • Student Presentations of P3
  • Introduce P4
  • Activity:

    For Next Class

  1. Read: Applying human-centered design to emerging technologies
  2. Review Human-Centered DESIGN PROMPTS for Emerging Technologies

Wednesday 10/31

  • Happy Halloween
  • Work on P4 visual research, story boards, mind maps

    For Next Class

  1. Have visual research, story boards, mind maps, and sketches ready to present to class
  2. Read Using Prototypes to Shape Future Technologies

Week Eleven:

Monday 11/5

  • In Class
  • Desk Critique
  • Small group critique of research/sketches/mindmaps
  • 3:50 - Dr. Laura leaves for AR presentaion in art education class
  • Activity: work on project proposal

    For Next Class

  1. Finalize project proposal

Wednesday 11/7

  • Presentation: Project proposals
  • Work time on P4

    For Next Class

Week Twelve:

Monday 11/12

  • NO Class
  • Veterans Day Holiday

    For Next Class

  1. Keep working on P4

Wednesday 11/14

  • Presentation: Intro - Portfolio Prep for Interactive Multimedia
  • 4:00 pm in HML 2134 Student mobile workflows - in other words, what students can do with Adobe on their mobile devices
  • portfolio prep guid

    For Next Class

  1. List of previous works you want to include in your portfolio
  2. Start gathering files and documentation for your portfolio

Week Thirteen:

Monday 11/19

    For Next Class

  1. Be ready to share your process on P4 (should be into your development phase or advanced final prototyping)

Wednesday 11/21

  • Thanksgiving Break
  • >

    For Next Class

Week Fourteen:

Monday 11/26

  • In Class
  • Small group critique
  • Desk critique
  • Activity: Work on P4

    For Next Class

  1. GD club Meeting 4:30pm in Conley Art Atrium Tuesday

Wednesday 11/28

  • Work Time
  • 5:15 pack up and walk over to CA 101
  • Presentation by Arthur Dyson with a holiday reception to follow

    For Next Class

Week Fifteen:

Wednesday 12/5

  • Presentation:

    For Next Class

Week Sixteen:

Monday 12/10

  • In Class
  • Final Critique!
  • Activity: worktime
  • Take IDEA evaluation on BlackBoard

    For Next Class

  1. Finish Process book
  2. Check out DevFest OnAir Tomorrow
  3. GD Club Meeting tomorrow in Conley Art 216 from 4:30-5:30

Wednesday 12/12

    For Next Class

  1. Finish edits to Video and Project from critique
  2. Final Times

Finals Week:

FINAL Monday 12/17 3:30-5:30

  • In Class
  • Presentation: Show off P4 videos and other deliverables
  • Give Hi-Fives
  • Activity: Eat snacks

    For Next Class

Wednesday 12/19

  • NO Class
  • Have and excellent winter break

    For Next Class